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Maya is an important character in our drama of life. She herself is incognito and thus is never ‘seen’. But her extraordinary role is to create illusion. Maya means illusion.

We think and act according to what we feel is right. The mind and intellect are the key players in making this decision.

Maya is very clever; she enters the mind silently when we are not looking. She befriends the intellect and encourages it to do that which is wrong. It is that voice inside which says ‘do it, it’s ok’, ‘you deserve that’, etc..

Maya in fact feeds the weaknesses that are within and gives them the right to stand up and fight. These weaknesses then influence us to doing the wrong thing, sometimes even against our conscious wish. So, it is our jealousy that will illude us and make us take the wrong step, or need for praise, or need for security or love etc…  These are not gross forms of the vices but they are the weakness that are behind the vices.

These weaknesses have become so deep that they appear to be part and parcel of our personality. However, the truth is that the soul is originally and eternally virtuous. Maya empowers the weaknesses and makes us believe they are our friends. That is the illusion!

Are you trapped in the illusion of Maya?

Om Shanti

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Trikaldarshi means, the one who sees the three aspects of time. The past, the present and the future.

So much time and energy goes into thinking of what happened in the past or what could be in the future. From one thought a huge tree of thoughts and situations emerges in the mind of what was and what could be.

Whilst I am living in the past or the future I miss the present. The present already becomes the past and time has moved on.

Always remain rooted in the present whilst keeping both the past and future clearly in the awareness.

It is not necessary to keep thinking about the situations and scenes that happened, or what and how to accomplish for the future.

Awareness is about having the experiences from the past and the vision of the future accessible in a way that can be applied to the present time in a positive way.

Then my present will always be a choice to plant healthy seeds for a fruitful future using the valuable resources of the past.

Om Shanti

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The proof of our spiritual journey is seen in our own transformation. To allow the transformation to take place there is a need for some renunciation. In transformation, something has to be left behind, something has to be renounced.

To renounce something means to forget it. If I have externally renounced something, but my mind hasn’t forgotten it, that cannot be true renunciation.

Physical renunciation is one thing, but the mind and the heart have accumulated so much ‘rubbish’ over time. There has been so much hurt, anger and disappointment that I continue to carry along my journey. When I am able to identify this waste, understand it, then renounce it and never think of it again, that is true renunciation.  It will free the spirit from its cage of the many bondages and burdens trapping it and allow it to fly free.

Do I have the courage to renounce? Do I have the courage to allow the mind to forget?

Om Shanti

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The Father of souls

The incorporeal Father is the Purifier. He is the embodiment of peace. You too are incorporeal souls, embodiments of peace.

The original religion of souls is peace. Your residence is the land of peace, Nirvana.

According to the drama, when souls become unhappy, the Father of souls comes and gives them their inheritance. The Father gives spiritual food to souls. He gives knowledge in order to open the lock of their intellects.
Opening the lock will reveal the understanding of what is real and what is not. What is truth and what is false.

This is the inheritance from God the Father.

Have you claimed your inheritance? Has the lock of your intellect opened?

Om Shanti

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The most valuable currency of our time is love. Exchange love!

You have to become great donors of love. Donate love not just in words and actions, but also in your thoughts.

Love will melt the hardest of rocks and nourish the most barren lands.

And for the self, when you give this donation of love, all the weaknesses that remain within you will be removed. Because in donating you are receiving, and in receiving you are removing all that is unwanted within you so that there is space to hold the love inside.

When you have love for everyone, then the response of love is cooperation and the result of cooperation is success.

Now become the ones who donate love.

Om Shanti

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Vices & Virtues

Originally and eternally the soul has the natural nature of being virtuous.

Over time and life, vices entre the soul. The soul creates the habit of expressing these vices rather than its virtues.
The repetition of an action creates a habit. The repetition of a habit creates a nature, a personality….and this is the story of the soul.

We have reached a point in time when all souls express vices so naturally and automatically that the concept that vices originally never existed cannot even be imagined.

It is not possible for vices to bring the fruit of happiness in the long run. The reality of vices is that they cause sorrow.
The vices of Lust, Greed, Anger, Attachment and Ego have enslaved the soul into being needy from the outside.

The virtues of Love, Peace, Joy, Purity and Wisdom will free the soul and allow it to be naturally in a state of contentment.

It is time to check and change. Am I using my virtues or the vices?

Om Shanti

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Spirituality is the day to day liberation of the mind from its many dependencies.

Even though dependencies do cause a lot of pain and sorrow, they are at the same time ‘comfortable’.
People may consciously deny it, but most prefer their dependencies and the ‘comfort’ they give, to freedom.

Dependent people are in a golden cage – comfortabley trapped!

It is all a question of the state of the mind. The mind is the engine from which the whole expression and experience of life is created.

What is it that is controlling your mind?

Om Shanti

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Anger is a vice.

One wrong feeling. one wrong thought ignites the fire of many waste thoughts. These then quickly burn into a huge fire – out of control. Anger emerges and shows it form, causing damage. It hurts others and ignites and fuels the same fire in them. Equally it hurts the self very deeply.

Unlike any of the other vices, anger in itself does not exist. It only emerges as a result of one of the other vices.
It is only when one of the other vices exists in me that anger raises its head. The basis of anger is either desire, greed, ego or attachment, all of which are like little devils within my own self. They are not outside me or in someone else.

No matter what the situation, understand that anger is definitely not the answer.

Let me take a step forward and not allow anger to arise in me.

Om Shanti

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Spiritual Pilgrimage

Many people go on pilgrimages. It is the sacred journey to a destination to ‘see’ an image of the divine. Many difficulties may come on their journey to test them. But their faith and purpose allows them to overcome everything and maintain enthusiasm.

Our Spiritual Pilgrimage is unique.

It is a silent journey we make alone, with our thoughts and our spirit. Each moment becomes a footstep on our journey. And where is the destination?
The spiritual destination is subtle not physical. It is a journey to the core of ourselves and then from there the journey to our Home, the land of peace, Nirvana. A journey back to the original, the truth. With it we receive the highest of all attainments – the ‘meeting’ with the divine.

Along the journey, the mind will create waste, doubt, desires and emotions to distract us from the journey. That is the challenge and that is the effort. If I can maintain my faith and my purpose with enthusiasm then the journey becomes easy.

Are you ready to go on a spiritual pilgrimage today?

Om Shanti

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The Soul

The soul is a tiny point of light. It is subtle.
It neither has eyes or ears, nor can it speak…….It just is.
Go into the depths of silence and see.

Om Shanti

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