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Spiritual Pilgrimage

Many people go on pilgrimages. It is the sacred journey to a destination to ‘see’ an image of the divine. Many difficulties may come on their journey to test them. But their faith and purpose allows them to overcome everything and maintain enthusiasm.

Our Spiritual Pilgrimage is unique.

It is a silent journey we make alone, with our thoughts and our spirit. Each moment becomes a footstep on our journey. And where is the destination?
The spiritual destination is subtle not physical. It is a journey to the core of ourselves and then from there the journey to our Home, the land of peace, Nirvana. A journey back to the original, the truth. With it we receive the highest of all attainments – the ‘meeting’ with the divine.

Along the journey, the mind will create waste, doubt, desires and emotions to distract us from the journey. That is the challenge and that is the effort. If I can maintain my faith and my purpose with enthusiasm then the journey becomes easy.

Are you ready to go on a spiritual pilgrimage today?

Om Shanti

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Inspired by the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris

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