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Wars start in the minds of men and thus surely peace must also start in the minds of men.

Over time we have cultivated a personality based on negative thoughts – anger, greed, jealousy, fear etc.. which have given birth to bad feeling in the hearts. The repetition of the same thoughts and feelings has created a habit and eventually this has become our very nature and personality.

Peace is a feeling, an experience in which there is the absence of all negative thoughts and feelings. We know that we cannot just remove all negativity from our hearts and minds. However what is required, and what is possible, is to replace them.

To develop a nature of being peaceful starts with the awareness. I have allowed many things to steal my peace by giving them more importance. Now I need to create an awareness that holds onto my peace. Things may have to be renounced: my ego, my pride, my preferences, my ideas etc..  But this is the price I must pay for peace.

The original and eternal nature of the soul is that of peace. It will not be satisfied until it returns to peace.

Cultivate your peace, nurture your peace, revive your peace.

Om Shanti

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Power to Withdraw

With constant focus on an external, ever changing world we have allowed that world to influence our inner world. Invite a changing chaotic world in and our inner world will be the same.

The first step in restoring inner calm and focus is to withdraw our attention from the outer world. It is about disconnecting from the outside and then connecting to the inside.

We need to be able to do this in order to control our reactions to what goes on around us – with people and situations.
If we are not the master of our senses and all the incoming stimuli, we will be their slave.

Connecting within to a space of stillness and silence totally refreshes the mind and allows us to be clear and objective. Within this space we have time to examine our thoughts, feelings, intentions and motives and then to change them based on a deeper understanding. It is a matter of switching awareness from the outer world to the inner world, and giving the inner world importance.

It takes only a moment to react, it takes only a moment to withdraw…Each brings it’s own fruit!

Om Shanti

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Doubt is like a poisoned arrow. It strikes the target and, if it is not removed quickly, it will destroy it.

The experience of insecurity in our lives, somewhere, somehow, gives rise to the feelings of fear and thus doubt.

An insecure feeling, if left alone will disappear. But we give it form and make it real by feeding it with waste thoughts. Waste thoughts are such that they multiply exponentially. The more we feed doubt with waste thought the greater will become its form.

Doubt, supported by fear, insecurity and a multitude of waste thoughts then creates confusion in the mind. The intellect is then not able to discern clearly what is truth and what is false.

Doubt is something that has to be recognised and caught early, before it spreads its poison. Actions taken under the influence of doubt can be such that they are beyond repair. Doubt in others is one thing but doubt in the self will destroy the spirit.

Are you feeding doubt?

Om Shanti

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The Soul

The soul is incognito. it cannot be seen with the eyes but it can be experienced.

A blind man cannot see the sun, nor can he touch it yet he knows that the sun exists. He experiences the warmth it gives.
If the blind man does not go out in the day time, when the sun is out, then he would not be able to experience the warmth. He would not know of the sun. But that does not mean that it does not exist.

The soul is invisible but it takes the support of matter which is visible. Because the body can be seen, we make the body the ‘identity’ and give it a name for reference. Then over time it becomes who I am, and I believe that too!

When we start believing that we are the body, that is when our story changes from one of freedom and happiness to that of bondage and fear. This is why we need to regain the awareness of the soul. The real me.

It needs a willingness to want to experience. It needs space and time to allow the self to experience something that is invisible.

Do I want to know who I am really?

Om Shanti

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Power of Tolerance

Tolerance does not mean to suppress something. Suppression is a negative energy which causes stress. In time anything that is suppressed rebound.

To tolerate means to accept through understanding. Acceptance is a change in my internal attitude towards that which I feel I need to tolerate. Tolerance is actually about respecting the differences I see.

First I have to learn to tolerate my own inner reactions. This can only happen when I learn to disengaged from the thoughts and feelings creating my inner reaction.

I am not my thoughts or feelings, they are my creation, thus I am able to separate myself from them if I wish.

If I can take a second to step back and become an observer of the drama that is going on within, then I will have the opportunity to see it from another perspective, and so understand and accept it.

Make a friend of the power to tolerate.

Om Shanti

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We spend so much time, money and energy to be ‘attractive’. We know it is ‘artificial’ beauty, yet still do it.

The underlying reason is that it makes us feel good about ourselves, we feel it gives us respect, we believe it will make us more loved, etc… However physical beauty is only the surface and over time the physical body cannot sustain this ‘feeling good’ factor.

What is needed is to realise and experience the beauty that exists within: our own inner beauty. Then our attraction and our ‘feeling good’ factor can come from a place that can be sustained. We need to experience the original and eternal qualities that are present within the soul. Then others will also see and experience them.

Spiritual beauty is very attractive. Spiritual beauty is empowering for the self and others.

Om Shanti

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Head and Heart

There is a very deep connection between the head and the heart.

The head may know and understand what is ‘right’. It may even want to do that which is ‘right’. However, it will still go against it’s own understanding, logic and fact and do something, knowing full well it is not really the ‘right’ thing to do.

The heart creates feelings and emotions and these are much stronger than logic as they create an experience instantly. The heart will create feelings based on the past and on desires and attachments it may still have: feelings of sympathy, fear, love, doubt etc.

In this way the heart engages the head in the feelings and then influences it totally. It convinces it that there is benefit in doing that which is ‘wrong’, even though it knows otherwise.

The head needs to be clean and clear so that it is not influenced by temporary feeling. This can only happen in soul consciousness.
In soul consciousness we connect with a reservoir of good feelings within, which satisfies the heart. The heart then becomes quiet and no-longer pollutes the head with emotional blackmail, leaving it free to decide.

Make the head and the heart your friends.

Om Shanti

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Creator and Creation

Who is the Creator and what is His creation?

If God is the Creator then what would His creation be? Would it be a world of violence and fear. A world of bondage and sorrow? Would He then create me, with all my faults and flaws, to live in this world of His?

God is the Creator but he creates only which is pure, that which gives total happiness and is free from sorrow. He creates the best so that we can enjoy the best. He creates the best world and He creates me with all the best that I can be.

Then who created this world we live in today? Was that not God also?
God gave us the best and we used it and used it and then abused it and just look what we have made it now.

Now is the time for the Creator to re-create that which has been spoilt. Now is that time for transformation from old to new, from bad to good. And for me it is the time for self transformation – from all that I am to all that I was originally in my purest form.

Om Shanti

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Arjuna is the name given to the great warrior in the Indian epic of the Mahabharat.

He was known for his clarity, concentration, focused aim and fearless determination. He was known to be the one who took the first step with courage.

Spiritually Arjuna represents the ability of the intellect to remain stable, clear and courageous. Otherwise the intellect can be easily pulled in many directions and then there will be questions, confusion and many, many options.
Clarity and stability come when there is an aim which is defined and understood.

When the aim of life is not understood clearly then we wander aimlessly searching something. For happiness maybe, wealth maybe, love maybe or maybe something else.

When the aim is clear, the journey becomes focused and then the destination is close.

Be Arjuna today!

Om Shanti

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It is said that knowledge is power. The foundation of everything is knowledge. It gives the method and is the source of all answers.

Whatever our chosen path and aim in life may be, knowledge in that enables us to succeed. It enables a comfortable journey to our destination.
Even for those who simply want to live a happy and peaceful life, knowledge of how that can be possible is still needed.

In this day and age there has been an information explosion. Knowledge is available, in masses, at out finger tips. And yet humanity sits in a state of despair: physically, emotionally, politically, economically and environmentally.

No matter how much worldly knowledge we attain it will satisfy our physical aims in a limited way. The ultimate aim and destination of the soul can only be reached through spiritual knowledge; through wisdom.
In fact it is wisdom that is power and it is the foundation of all other knowledge. When this is understood the state of humanity itself will shift

True success is founded in this alone.

Om Shanti

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