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Mirror of the Heart

A mirror allows me to see that which others can see with their eyes but which I cannot see.

They say, “look at your face in the mirror of your heart”. No-one else can see in the mirror of my heart except me.

The mirror of my heart is subtle and significant. It will allow me to see without any masks of false arrogance. I will see that which I cannot see if I look from the outside. And, I will see honestly what is really going on inside me and why.

I can stay in denial and not look in that mirror. That is my choice. In fact it needs great courage to face the mirror of my heart – to see and to accept the truth, to see what I really am and then to put right that which is wrong.

What do I see in the mirror of my heart?

Om Shanti

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Inspired by the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris

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