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Mahabharat is the name given to the great battle of Bharat.
A battle of good versus evil, of truth versus falsehood. It was the greatest of all battles.

The Mahabharat is the battle that happens within myself. It begins the moment I embark on my spiritual journey.
It is only then that I come face to face with the evils within that need to be transformed – after all that is the aim and purpose of the journey.

Turbulence is guaranteed where two opposites meet. When ‘black’ meets ‘white’ turbulence happens until there is ‘grey’ and eventually until there is white. The conflict is the war, the battle within.

Beware! Within the turbulence there is the risk of developing hopelessness, doubt and despair. It is when the undercover enemies of carelessness and laziness can easily slip in. Hold on to that truth with faith. Maintain courage and move forward with force, for the battle will not be lost and truth will always win.

Will you be victorious?

Om Shanti

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Inspired by the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris

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