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The Third ‘I’

Our life is made up of many scenes and dramas. Within that I will always internally position myself within an identity.

The first positioning of the ‘I’ is based on ego: that I am right; I am something; I am here; I count. This is a very gross form of ego which is clearly seen by others but which I cannot see.

The second positioning is that of ‘I’ based on the inferior ego: I am nothing; I don’t really matter. This is a very subtle form of ego. It eats away at the spirit and takes away my self-respect. I can identify it only when I spend time looking within and checking what is going on inside.

The third ‘I’ is that of the awareness of the soul. This is the real ‘I’, the eternal and immortal ‘I’ with all its qualities and virtues intact. It allows me to act and interact in the best possible way without losing my own self-respect or without putting others down in order to gain respect.

Which ‘I’ am I now?

Om Shanti

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Inspired by the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris

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