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It is said that knowledge is power. The foundation of everything is knowledge. It gives the method and is the source of all answers.

Whatever our chosen path and aim in life may be, knowledge in that enables us to succeed. It enables a comfortable journey to our destination.
Even for those who simply want to live a happy and peaceful life, knowledge of how that can be possible is still needed.

In this day and age there has been an information explosion. Knowledge is available, in masses, at out finger tips. And yet humanity sits in a state of despair: physically, emotionally, politically, economically and environmentally.

No matter how much worldly knowledge we attain it will satisfy our physical aims in a limited way. The ultimate aim and destination of the soul can only be reached through spiritual knowledge; through wisdom.
In fact it is wisdom that is power and it is the foundation of all other knowledge. When this is understood the state of humanity itself will shift

True success is founded in this alone.

Om Shanti

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Inspired by the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris

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