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Doubt is like a poisoned arrow. It strikes the target and, if it is not removed quickly, it will destroy it.

The experience of insecurity in our lives, somewhere, somehow, gives rise to the feelings of fear and thus doubt.

An insecure feeling, if left alone will disappear. But we give it form and make it real by feeding it with waste thoughts. Waste thoughts are such that they multiply exponentially. The more we feed doubt with waste thought the greater will become its form.

Doubt, supported by fear, insecurity and a multitude of waste thoughts then creates confusion in the mind. The intellect is then not able to discern clearly what is truth and what is false.

Doubt is something that has to be recognised and caught early, before it spreads its poison. Actions taken under the influence of doubt can be such that they are beyond repair. Doubt in others is one thing but doubt in the self will destroy the spirit.

Are you feeding doubt?

Om Shanti

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Inspired by the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris

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