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What’s in the Words

Communication is part of life. We use words to build relationships and societies.

So often, the words we use are flavoured with our underlying feeling about the person or situation in question. Then the words that are expressed will be bitter, sweet or even sour.

Sometimes it is important that feelings are conveyed within our communication. However the purpose of communication is to convey a message in a way that will be understood.

When words emerge from a volcano of feelings, without much discernment, then what is communicated, instead of the message,  is maybe the ‘dislike’, the ‘prejudice’ etc. This then generates further pain and sorrow making the situation even more complex.

So often words are spoken with so much force, emotion and bitterness that they hurt rather than to communicate. Once words are spoken, that is it – there is no way they can ever be taken back. Then no matter how many other words we use to pacify or justify the outburst, the damage will have already been done.

Stop, think, speak. Pause before you communicate.

Om Shanti

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Bank Balance of Life

What is in your bank balance of life?

With each thought, word and action we express each day, we make a deposit into our bank balance of life. It is actually a question of karma. Karma means action, and the philosophy of karma is that ‘what goes around comes around’.

The scenes and situations that present themselves to us in life are not random; they happen as a result of karma. We value the beautiful and happy moments and prefer to avoid the stressful and sad ones. However, the law of karma states that we always get the return of the karma we deposit.

When our actions are charitable, when they give happiness, we deposit positive karma in our account. These actions, which include our thoughts and words, are a result of expressing virtues.  Conversely, we cause sorrow or pain as a result of our vices. Then we deposit negative karma in our account.

If we wish to have a good return then we must also deposit the same.

So what is your bank balance of life?

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Soul Consciousness

What does it mean to practise soul consciousness?
It is to become aware of one’s own subtle energy: the subtle being which is silent, still and present at all times but which we are not consciously aware of. To be soul conscious is to live in the awareness of that subtle energy.

Even though it is constantly present, it requires that we tap into it and touch that energy. The regular practise of doing this will slowly shift the consciousness from body to soul.

While being in the awareness of that subtle form, explore the eternal questions that are deeply seated in the soul:

Who am I?
Who do I belong to?
Where have I come from?
What is time for me?

There is no need to think too much, but just emerge the thoughts within the mind. The answers will come but not be in words or sound. The answers will also come subtly in terms of feeling and experiences.

The heart, mind and intellect all need to be silent and clean to be able to catch the responses. Even though they are so subtle the experience of soul consciousness is the most powerful and life changing experience of all.

Try it and see.

Om Shanti

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The Friend of the Mind

The mind is quite a simple and innocent faculty of the soul. Its job is to think. It thinks and thinks and then thinks some more. But the thoughts that it thinks are vital to what we experience. Thoughts are projected into the life we create: into our feelings, our words and actions.

There are many things that influence the mind in what to think; and as innocent as it is, it will obediently follow. But who is the friend of the mind, and who is not?

On each shoulder sits a little character. On the right shoulder is an angel: pure and simple. On the left a devil: ugly and sure. Each one directs the mind through the ear and tries to influence what it thinks.

The devil will constantly chatter with an aim to overwhelm. He will direct and demand, justify and judge. He eats the food of vices and also spreads them in this way.
The angel will whisper words of wisdom – gently advise and then disappear. She is sustained by virtues, fragrant and mild.

With all this advice, the noise and sound, what of the poor mind?
In hearing all that comes in through the ear, the art is in the listening.

Listen only to the whisper.

Om Shanti

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Tolerance is a great power. When we tolerate something or someone then it is as if we are holding back from reacting negatively in some way.

Normally when we react in a negative way, it is because we need to ‘prove’ something, need to be heard, need to show that we have some control etc..

In tolerating we let go of any temporary attainment  that we may receive: being respected, looking smart, getting our own way etc. We let go of all these false supports.

Not to tolerate means to give power to jealousy, ego, anger or any other vice. It allows them to emerge in a gross form. The basis of any vice is always something negative; something that will eventually cause pain and sorrow.

Each scene, word and action that manifests itself is based on a very complex set of circumstances that have gone before. I am not to know the ingredients that have been added so far. If I cannot add a positive ingredient to the mix, then it is better not to add at all. To understand this is to show tolerance. And to tolerate requires wisdom.

Reclaim your power of tolerance.


Om Shanti

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What is Time? It is now, this moment. And yet time has been defined as ‘forever’: that which has no beginning and no end.

The cycle of time continues to turn from day to night and then the day again. In this way time itself is eternal. It never stops or starts, but it just is.

Times never stands still. It moves like the seasons, from the summer of time, to the spring, autumn and then the winter. After the darkness of winter, the sparkle of spring will definitely follow. And so with time: the time of golden, silver, copper and then that of iron. From lightness to dark then lightness once again, and in between all the various shades of grey.

As time moves, it pull the state of human consciousness along with it. From a pure and enlightened consciousness, through its various stages, until human consciousness reaches a the state of total ignorance. And then with time the transformation from ignorance back to enlightenment once again.

So what is the season of time now?  and what is time calling me to do?


Om Shanti

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An inheritance is normally received from one’s parents. They give you that which is of value to them.

Spiritually our Supreme parent also gives us an inheritance. In order to claim this I have to acknowledge that I am a child of the Supreme and also that I am entitled to the inheritance. The ability to accept that which is being given is yet another thing. To accept means to make it one’s own and to make use of it.

What is the inheritance that the Supreme Spirit gives? Clearly not something that is gross or physical. He gives to us all of His virtues and qualities. He tells us to use them and in doing so become the wealthiest of all.

Have I accepted the inheritance that is being offered; can I hold it and use it as my own?

The moment I do I will realise that I am truly the Child of God.


Om Shanti

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Mine, Mine

Everything that I own is mine: my house, my car, my education, my capital etc. There are so many things in life that I would consider to be ‘mine’. However all things change, they are temporary, thus nothing remains ‘mine’ forever.

When there is the consciousness of ‘mine’ then the intellect begins to take this as a fact. In doing so it is no longer able to discern accurately. What is right or wrong in a situation will be coloured with the motive that what is ‘mine’ should benefit.

The eye of the intellect will no longer see as a detached and neutral party. The intellect’s ability to judge accurately will be crippled and biased. Multiply this by all that I consider to be ‘mine’ and all the decisions I make each day, and it becomes clear how much damage this attitude of ‘mine’ can cause.

I need to separate  myself from all that I consider to be ‘mine’ and to become detached. This is only possible when I shift my awareness and understanding to the fact that I am a soul. In soul consciousness there is the ability to see with clarity and, above all, without the influence of motive.

As a soul I own nothing, but I am love, I am peace, I am truth.
I own nothing, but I am everything I could ever want.

Om Shanti

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When we complain we talk about something we dislike about someone or something. Complaining is expanding and elaborating on negativity, something that was at fault or not to our liking.

Giving the energy, in terms of time, thoughts or words, to anything will make it grow. To give energy to negativity makes something small into something big; It increases in size and relevance for myself and everyone else I complain to. This then fuels further negativity and bitter feelings.

Whatever I may complain about is based on my experience, vision and perception. It is coloured by my own expectation of how it should be or should have been.

In complaining I justify my bad feeling. The situation is more likely to be resolved when I no longer have bad feeling about it. This cannot happen by changing the person or situation but by changing my own perception and feeling about it. The latter is in my control.

Rather than complain, why not change my feelings?

Om Shanti

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Being Centred

The centre is marked by a focal point, a point of balance. To be centred means to sit in that point of focus.
Spiritually it is the ability to sit in the awareness of the centre of my reality: I the soul, the spirit.

Because we are so physical and action-conscious, the world, people and everything we see and experience on a physical level becomes our immediate reality: our first reality. And we live in that reality: a ‘reality’  which is constantly changing and moving.
How is it possible to remain balanced or centred when everything else we know and experience is constantly moving and changing around us? Maybe what we call ‘reality’ needs to be reconsidered!

The soul is an energy and thus non-physical. To sit in the awareness of soul requires the understanding of the self being separate from all else. The soul is constant, stable and ever present.
It requires the practice of becoming silent and introverted and then going within and experiencing the very core of who I am. Then to make this spiritual reality, which is stable and consistent, my primary reality and not my secondary reality.

Take a moment and become centred.


Om Shanti

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