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Along our spiritual journey we may get attracted to many things. The example of the flower is often used to understand the significance of attraction based on vice and virtue.

We get attracted to the flower. With its beauty and fragrance it enchants the senses. Then there is the desire to ‘own’ the flower.

Some flowers bear thorns. Thorns are many, they are often incognito, camouflaged and so we do not see them. Then in trying to obtain the flower we experience the pain of the thorns: each one ready and waiting to prick and harm. Not a single thorn is there to help me or give me happiness in any way. It is almost as if the flower is only an illusion to entice us.

Thorns represent the vices. If there is the experience of sorrow or pain in possessingsomething, then the basis of that desire must be some form of vice – lust, greed , anger, jealousy, ego etc.
Vices are not always in a gross form. Like the thorns they can be camouflaged and not easily seen: but their purpose is to give pain and sorrow.

Be aware of the flowers with thorns.

Om Shanti

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