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Seeing Weaknesses

There is a habit very deeply ingrained in most of us, and that is to see what others are doing, especially when they are doing something wrong.

When we look at the weaknesses of others, it is like ‘juicy’ and ‘spicy’ information for the mind. But what the mind does with that information is spoil our heads.

We see weaknesses in others and then start having thoughts about that: we invite waste thoughts!  Then we have a need to share that information with others. So we become responsible for creating waste in others.

Apart from the masses of waste thoughts and energy, this creates a subtle shift in our attitude: in our vision and feelings towards that person. Their weakness makes us see and feel in a different way – a negative way.

It may be someone else’s weakness, but the moment I give it value and embrace it, it becomes my choice, my mistake and my weakness.

If instead I create the habit of seeing my own weaknesses, then my own awareness will become the instrument for a positive change in the self and an example, inspiration and support to others.

Take time to observe yourself.

Om Shanti

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