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Resistance to Change

We live in an ever changing world. On a physical, emotional, spiritual and material level nothing remains constant.

One would think that we are used to change and that it comes quite natural to us. However, deeply ingrained within the soul is a resistance to change. It is a very subtle thing but it is the reason we don’t embrace change so easily.

Fear haunts us: either of losing something or of the unknown. This presents itself as a huge monster and becomes an internal resistance, that awful feeling inside.

Courage is needed to say ‘yes’ to change. And the willingness to endure some discomfort if necessary. This is part and parcel of change. Start with changing something that is easily measurable, and physical. If we are not prepared to change that which can be touched then we will never be able to change that which we cannot touch.

Change is a fact of life. Either I choose what to change or things will just continue to change in the way they have always done.

Let me choose to make a positive change today.

Om Shanti


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