The Terrible Twins

September 13, 2011 at 5:18 am Leave a comment

Our spiritual journey is not a physical one.

There will be many companions along the way. They too will take an invisible, incognito form. The eyes of awareness will need to learn to see which are friends and which are foes.

The terrible twins of laziness and carelessness will come along the way. They will befriend the mind and intellect and divert them from the path.

The mind will be told: ‘it is ok to be careless with your thoughts; be comfortable and enjoy life’. The intellect will be given permission to be lazy in discerning what is right and what is wrong, ‘there is no need to work so hard!’.

In this way the terrible twins will come and create their kingdom within yours. They will lead you into a  ‘comfort zone’ which, on a spiritual path, makes survival difficult.

Carelessness and laziness seem minor compared to greed and anger. But because of their incognito nature and their combined force, they are difficult to recognise and eliminate; that is their strength.

Zeal and enthusiasm are the weapons to guard the mind and intellect. An aim which is rooted deeply in the heart is the greatest protection of all.

Watch the heart and keep it fuelled with constant zeal and enthusiasm.

Om Shanti

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