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Ego is one of those vices which some would class as ‘good to have’; it allows one to be ‘positioned’ and ‘noticed’, and ‘respected’ even.

However the thing with ego, specifically subtle forms of ego, is that it sits you on a false seat. Then when the truth reveals itself, which it will, there will be realisation and pain. And also the shame of knowing that everyone but you always knew.

Unlike any other vice, ego cripples the intellect’s ability to discern. Ego adopts a form based on a speciality – on whatever is good within the self – and so disguises itself in that. It attracts the soul and it deludes it so that it is difficult for the self to recognise that this is ego.

Like salt mixed in sugar, it is not obvious and not everyone would know. However the moment it is tasted and experienced the truth is revealed. Its character and taste cannot remain hidden and salt can never be sweet! Everyone will be able to taste it except you. For the self it is something that has to be realised.

Watch out for that attractive form of ego!

Om Shanti

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Self Realisation Thoughts

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