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Spiritual Warrior

The spiritual warrior is ever ready for battle. He remains alert and aware of the demons within that plot and plan to defeat him.

It order to attain victory, absolute focus is required. Focus on the aim and focus on victory. Many demons will raise their heads to entice the warrior – greed, jealousy, attachment and more – but the warrior always remains fearless.

Total focus is not possible unless the warrior is able to put aside all other matters within his mind and intellect. If focus is lost, the gate of defence will open allowing the greatest enemy of waste to enter the battlefield. This will divert and dilute the power of the warrior and become an obstacle in his ability to be victorious.

The weapons of the spiritual warrior are those of faith in the self, faith in the aim and the determination to be victorious. The armour of constant awareness will protect and guide him.

You are an incognito spiritual warrior on the battlefield of life. Remain fearless but alert.


Om Shanti

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Inspired by the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris

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