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Being Centred

The centre is marked by a focal point, a point of balance. To be centred means to sit in that point of focus.
Spiritually it is the ability to sit in the awareness of the centre of my reality: I the soul, the spirit.

Because we are so physical and action-conscious, the world, people and everything we see and experience on a physical level becomes our immediate reality: our first reality. And we live in that reality: a ‘reality’  which is constantly changing and moving.
How is it possible to remain balanced or centred when everything else we know and experience is constantly moving and changing around us? Maybe what we call ‘reality’ needs to be reconsidered!

The soul is an energy and thus non-physical. To sit in the awareness of soul requires the understanding of the self being separate from all else. The soul is constant, stable and ever present.
It requires the practice of becoming silent and introverted and then going within and experiencing the very core of who I am. Then to make this spiritual reality, which is stable and consistent, my primary reality and not my secondary reality.

Take a moment and become centred.


Om Shanti

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