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The Friend of the Mind

The mind is quite a simple and innocent faculty of the soul. Its job is to think. It thinks and thinks and then thinks some more. But the thoughts that it thinks are vital to what we experience. Thoughts are projected into the life we create: into our feelings, our words and actions.

There are many things that influence the mind in what to think; and as innocent as it is, it will obediently follow. But who is the friend of the mind, and who is not?

On each shoulder sits a little character. On the right shoulder is an angel: pure and simple. On the left a devil: ugly and sure. Each one directs the mind through the ear and tries to influence what it thinks.

The devil will constantly chatter with an aim to overwhelm. He will direct and demand, justify and judge. He eats the food of vices and also spreads them in this way.
The angel will whisper words of wisdom – gently advise and then disappear. She is sustained by virtues, fragrant and mild.

With all this advice, the noise and sound, what of the poor mind?
In hearing all that comes in through the ear, the art is in the listening.

Listen only to the whisper.

Om Shanti

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Inspired by the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris

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