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It is not possible for two opposites to exist at the same place at the same time: truth and untruth, happiness and sorrow, lightness and darkness.

So if I am experiencing the explosion of anger, then it is not possible for love to be present. Truth means truth. If even a grain of falsehood exists within truth then it is nolonger truth.

If I lie to protect the truth, then I have made that truth into untruth. If I become angry in the name of love, then that cannot be love.

When I see things so clearly as opposites then I can begin to understand that there cannot be any compromise in what I say or do.

My virtues are the most valuable thing I have and yet the power of each vice is its own. Just one drop of poison in a vessel of nectar will make all of the nectar in the vessel poisonous.

Value virtue, never compromise it.


Om Shanti

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Quick, Press Pause

Each scene that happens in our life is by default done with the ‘record’ button pressed on. Whatever happens is recorded in our memory and in our hearts in the form of thoughts and feeling. Once recorded they will definitely be played back at some point in time, possibly many times.

The recorded past when played back influences the present as well as the future.

If I wish to be able to  forgive and forget, move on, let go, live in the present etc. then I need to be free from this recorded influence as much as possible.

Become aware of this constant, automatic recording process that is going on and press the ‘pause’ button. Be careful about what you record. If it is not useful then don’t record it, it is really not important.

Take full control of what you are recording – press ‘pause’.

Om Shanti

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The Critical ‘I’

The nature of being critical makes us harbour negative thoughts and feelings inside. Being critical has deep within it the dis-ability to appreciate.

Criticism is based on that which I see with my eyes and the habit of seeing fault. The moment criticism starts we take that which is outside, inside. Then the negative and critical thoughts generated create equivalent feelings and attitude within the self.

Criticism starts with the self and ends with the self – subtly, I myself will be harmed the most by it. Slowly but surely, criticism will drain all the positive and light energy that naturally sits within the self. This will then not allow me to remain happy, satisfied, detached or free.

Develop the ability to see and appreciate; to see and then simply move on.

Save the self from developing the habit of the the critical eye because the critical eye creates the critical ‘I’.


Om Shanti

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What’s in a Habit?

The repetition of an action creates a habit. The repetition of a habit creates a nature, a personality….and this is the story of the soul.

Normally we think of something and then decide if it is ok before going ahead and doing it. We have the engagement of thought, discernment and then action.

The nature of habit is that something from the past creates a thought to do something and that is followed by the action of doing it. The intellect is not allowed to discern right or wrong because of the force of the habit which drives you to do it. This reinforces that same habit and gives it even more power and control.

In the course of time the soul has created such habits that they constantly cause sorrow and pain to the self and others. The habit and nature of getting angry, jealous, irritated, tense, pressured etc.

If we wish to free ourselves of these then with determination we need to take control again. Recognise the habit and consciously stop it.

Who is in control; is it you or a habit?


Om Shanti

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An Incredible Journey

Just imagine that you are about to embark on a very long journey. You may experience many challenges along the way, but the journey has to be made.

You are given only a very small bag to carry with you. You may take with you whatever you like, as long as it will fit in the bag.

So what will you take? What situations will you face along the way for which you will need to be prepared?

Firstly, take with you ‘flexibility’, as this will allow you to adjust and accept whatever comes along the way.

Next take ‘renunciation’ as this will make the journey comfortable and light. No ‘needs’ or ‘wants’ to weigh you down.

Essential are ‘courage’ and ‘determination’ to reach the destination, whatever may come, good or bad.

Finally take ‘awareness’ of being the traveller, a guest who never gets stuck in any place for long, but continues to travel.

This is your journey. What you take with you is your choice. Understand the value of each item you choose to carry; choose wisely.


Om Shanti

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Festival of Lights

Diwali is the Festival of Lights. The significance of light is two-fold. One is that it removes darkness and negativity and second is that it brings light and brightness into our lives.

When it is dark it is not so easy to see. The ability to judge, decide and discern is clouded with the unknown and maybe even doubt and fear.

When the light comes it takes away all that is dark. It does not fight the darkness or struggle in transforming it. But when it appears everything is clearly visible.

I the soul sleep in the deep, dark sleep of ignorance. The ignorance of what is truth and what is false, what is real and what is not. The light is within and as it ignites, with spiritual wisdom, it awakens me from this sleep. It allows me see clearly and destroys all the ghosts of negatively and waste that appear in the night. The awakening of the soul brings me from the night into the day.

Let us celebrate the true Diwali together. Let us bring light not only into our homes but into our lives.

Happy Diwali!


Om Shanti

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The Sponge

A sponge easily and quickly absorbs any spillages, it doesn’t matter what it is, it just does its job.

When I begin to examine my response to life then I will see that I often behave like a sponge. I allow the things happening around me to penetrate me and then influence me.

The vibrations, atmosphere and noise in the world all go in, we naturally absorb them. Others are letting out steam as a result of what is going on in their own lives. I can listen and help to the best of my ability, but the moment I start to absorb I become trapped in whatever is going on and then am no-longer in a position to help, to add value.

There is also a lot of goodness around, especially in terms of vibrations within nature, which gives me the chance to sit and absorb God’s love and power.

At every moment I have a choice. I can choose to absorb or remain detached.

What am I absorbing into the self? What do I let in and hold on to?

Om Shanti

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Full Stop

Waste thoughts are well known for the speed and volume with which they grow. The result is confusion and quite often stress and tiredness.

We often remark that we should put ‘a full stop’ to our waste thoughts. If we are able to stop them there will be a possibility of clearing the mind and freeing it from being trapped in so much thinking.

However, have you ever tried to put a full stop to waste thoughts? If only it were as easy as it sounds.
We become aware of waste and consciously stop it. However a little while later we find that the thoughts have started again and we did not even realise when!

To stop waste, we definitely need to identify it and put a full stop. However as soon as we do that it is essential to also start a new sentence. Divert the attention and become busy in something else. This will reinforce the full stop and engage the mind in a new story.

Have you started a new sentence?


Om Shanti

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Who is Driving your Rickshaw?

Have you ever taken a rickshaws ride in India?

Going from ‘A’ to ‘B’ is quite a journey of dodging and diving, cutting corners and jumping the bumps until finally the destination is reached. The passengers alight shaken and shocked – just happy to have managed to hold on.

I am the driver and also the passenger of my rickshaw, this body. Each day I do many trips from ‘A’ to ‘B’ and then back again. But how was the journey and is the passenger ok? Am I happy and enjoying the ride, shaken or hurt; is there pain or am I comfortably safe?

If I forget that I am the passenger in this rickshaw, then I will also forget the importance in the quality of the journey. I will focus only on the destination to be reached.

Drive slowly and enjoy the ride. Drive safely avoiding accidents by keeping those vices at bay. Observe the side scenes without getting off and being stuck along the way.

Drive slowly, drive safely and you will enjoy the journey.


Om Shanti

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Spiritual Thieves

What makes us rich in life is the feeling of being content. Contentment is the rock on which all other good feelings sit.

I may or may not have material wealth, but the ability to nurture contentment will make me the richest of all.

Actually, contentment is quite a subtle feeling. it is not always obvious that we have lost it. But when we do lose it then we experience ‘unhappiness’, ‘sadness’ or feeling a little down.
We then try and resolve that by doing something to make ourselves feel better. We start substituting that ‘sad’ feeling with something we like, or think we want. We try and replace the lost contentment.

The question is, what came along and stole my contentment?

The thieves that come are not big and dangerous, but very subtle and small. They come in a form of desires, even tiny ones: of expectation, wanting and needing, likes and preferences etc. Someone says something, or I see something which inspires the slightest desire and within a second discontentment enters. This then grows slowly until I feel ‘unhappy’ or ‘sad’.

Catch that desire before it catches you!


Om Shanti

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