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Waste Thoughts

If we take a close look at the mind we will find that the speed of waste thoughts is very fast. Waste thoughts then become waste words and actions very quickly.

Somehow we allow time for waste and thus we allow the waste to come. We do not cut it off instantly but instead, because of its colourful nature, we become influenced and attracted by it.  Then we begin to believe that which is incorrect to to be correct; we become coloured by the waste.

The force and the speed of waste thoughts is so much that it does not allow the possibility to see clearly and thus respond with accuracy. Once something is done we may realise that is was not the right thing, but at the time we become blind to it.

The creation of waste happens very quickly, but then a lot of time and effort is taken up to finish it. While we become busy in this we disable the possibility of having positive and powerful thoughts

One powerful thought will destroy all weak and wasteful thoughts. The situation is nothing; it is me that makes it something with my own thoughts.

It is time to stop the waste.


Om Shanti

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