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Traffic Control

Can you imagine our roads, in rush hour traffic, without any traffic controlling mechanisms: no traffic lights, roundabouts, give way signs etc.. The result would be huge traffic jams, road rage and surely a few accidents too!

The mind thinks many thoughts each minute, each second. Most of the time these thoughts are unconscious and out of our control. Our thoughts will lead us in different directions and if they are negative or wasteful they will go into expansion and confuse us both mentally and emotionally.

How is it possible to drive through life safely when there is so much chaos in the mind? No wonder we get stressed, tired and confused. No wonder we keep having ‘accidents’.

What is needed is a traffic control system for our mind. Simply to stop and step back from all the traffic of the thoughts going on inside and  to observe. It is necessary to consciously take control of our thoughts otherwise they will control us. Where there is negativity, change it to something positive. Where there is waste, put a full stop and let it go. Keep the mind clear so that the journey of life is pleasant and safe.

Are you controlling the traffic of your mind?


Om Shanti

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Inspired by the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris

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