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Master and Slave

I the soul sit silently within this body. As a master, from here I make the whole body function. All conscious and unconscious requests from the soul to the physical organs of the body are fulfilled.

I the soul also have subtle organs of the mind, intellect and personality traits. These are invisible and yet even more important in terms of what I do with them and the impact that they will have. Do I have the same control over them?

I the soul am equally responsible for these subtle organs and yet it is not always clear who is the master and who the slave.

The mind goes wherever it is attracted – it appears to be its own master. The intellect, influenced by the mind, is cluttered and confused. And I the soul experience life through my thoughts and feelings, my vision and attitude which are based on these subtle organs.

When I become a slave to my subtle organs then they, not I, decide what I experience.

To be a master is not to have an attitude of force but one based on awareness. Internal authority can happen only when there is soul consciousness.

Am I soul conscious?

Om Shanti

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Inspired by the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris

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