Spiritual Thieves

October 22, 2011 at 11:04 am Leave a comment

What makes us rich in life is the feeling of being content. Contentment is the rock on which all other good feelings sit.

I may or may not have material wealth, but the ability to nurture contentment will make me the richest of all.

Actually, contentment is quite a subtle feeling. it is not always obvious that we have lost it. But when we do lose it then we experience ‘unhappiness’, ‘sadness’ or feeling a little down.
We then try and resolve that by doing something to make ourselves feel better. We start substituting that ‘sad’ feeling with something we like, or think we want. We try and replace the lost contentment.

The question is, what came along and stole my contentment?

The thieves that come are not big and dangerous, but very subtle and small. They come in a form of desires, even tiny ones: of expectation, wanting and needing, likes and preferences etc. Someone says something, or I see something which inspires the slightest desire and within a second discontentment enters. This then grows slowly until I feel ‘unhappy’ or ‘sad’.

Catch that desire before it catches you!


Om Shanti

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