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A Question of Choice

The life I have lived up until now has been one that I have chosen, although I would not automatically agree that this is what I would choose for myself. And yet it is actually a question of choice.

With each thought, word and action I sow a seed for my future. Whether I am aware of it or not, whatever I face today is as a result of a seed I planted in the past: whether it is good or bad, brings happiness or sorrow.
Once planted the seed will come to fruition at its own time. It may be immediate, it may be the next day, the next year or indeed much later. But the result will definitely come.

The power is in the realisation that I have a choice. In everyday life, if I replace the words “I have to” with “I choose to” I will notice the difference in how I feel. I will naturally be able to take control and responsibility for my tomorrow. And I will become aware of the choices I make.

Choose wisely!


Om Shanti

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The Soundless Chant

When we walk into a temple, church, mosque, monastery etc. we often hear beautiful chanting.

It creates an atmosphere which holds us with the sounds and feelings of devotion that are very comforting. The notes are pleasing to the ears and the vibrations are pleasing to the heart.
This atmosphere has been created with the heartfelt communication with God: the talking and calling out to Him.

Now my own communication with God is in the form of a soundless chant. Within the vibrations of this chant I am also held very comfortably, but with love and power. It is a chant in which I the soul make no sound and have nothing to say. I just sit in the presence of God holding His remembrance. Here within this silent chant I am able to listen to God.

It is in this space of eternity where I belong. Within this soundless chant is the sound of total silence, total perfection.

Listen to the soundless chant.


Om Shanti

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Spiritual Fragrance

Fragrance has the quality of uplifting a place. It has a unique impact on the atmosphere, mood and feelings around it. We even use aromatherapy to cure the human body of illness and shift our inner moods.

The fragrance of spirituality is one that will penetrate the body and reach the soul, uplifting and empowering it.

Spiritual fragrance emerges gently through our attitude. It creates the atmosphere around us, filling it with a certain quality of vibrations.

Attitude is created through our thoughts. If I am able to maintain pure and positive thoughts they will purify the atmosphere. For this I need to learn to see with the highest vision: not to absorb or even see the defects of anyone, nor to repeat anything negative about anyone, even in my mind.

When I am able to do this, I will be able to maintain my own state of inner peace and happiness as well as spread the vibrations of spiritual fragrance around me.

What fragrance are you spreading?


Om Shanti

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Am I Free?

Everyone enjoys the feeling of being free: free to choose what we like and what we don’t, to be able to decide and choose and not be forced into anything.

However freedom begins from within. Am I truly free internally? Am I free to feel happy and make sure I don’t feel sorrow? Am I free to choose to be content whenever I want?

When something creates a feeling of upset or unhappiness then that suggests that either I am dependent on or attached to that possession, person or outcome. In any situation these are the signs that tell me I am not free.  If I were free it would not cause me sorrow.

If I look very deeply within I will see what it is that is pulling me and bonding itself to me. Locate it and become free from it with wisdom and understanding. It is not a question of physical things but of spiritual and emotional things.

It takes courage to become free because it requires me to let go.

Let go and become free!

Om Shanti

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Feeding Fear

Fear is the possibility of something that I don’t like happening. It is a ‘possibility’, meaning that it is a fiction of my imagination.

It is my thoughts that create the story of the possibility and they generate the emotions of fear and horror that decorate the story of the possibility of something happening.

This habit we have of feeling fear is based on a very deep need to feel safe and secure. When I feel that someone or something will take something away from me without my permission then I feel challenged, insecure and thus fear.

We then feed that fear with our imagination. We make the story of something small, like a kitten, appear to be a lion. In this way fear can disable us, emotionally, mentally and even physically.

There are many possibilities in life. But to think of the worst possibility and then to feed it is something I decide to do.

Stop feeding fear and it will starve and disappear.

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The Power to Accommodate

As we walk through life we are faced with many situations. Someone says something and I get upset, feel hurt, shaken etc. The situation comes and goes. Everything and everyone have already moved on. Yet I get stuck holding on to the scene and feelings associated with it, not letting go.

The power to accommodate is like the constantly flowing river. It never stops but continues moving. Its strength is in its ability to be flexible. Whether there are rocks on route or the path has winding bends and turns, it accepts, understands and adjusts itself accordingly. It does not stop, question or argue with the rocks for being in its way.
It therefore frees itself from being stuck anywhere or being affected by anything. It has the power to accommodate, allowing itself to remain free.

It requires understanding based on fearlessness to realise that nothing and no-one can actually harm me, the soul, or take anything away from me. This realisation enables me to mould and shape myself to people and situation.

How flexible are you?


Om Shanti

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The Diamond Within

You are the diamond sitting within this body. The diamond is tiny yet beautiful and extremely valuable.

The sparkle of the diamond reveals itself through the facets which shape it; it sparkles with all the colours of the rainbow. The diamond within also sparkles with a multitude of virtues and specialities of the soul.

Even if the diamond is dropped in mud, it is still a diamond and just as valuable. The sparkle may be hidden as it has become covered in mud but it is still there.
When I the soul become covered by the vices, it is the same situation. It does not mean the virtues are gone or the value is no longer there. They are just hidden and suppressed by the vices.

It is time to clean the diamond within, wash it with the water of wisdom and see the diamond sparkle once again – restored to its original state.

Let’s start cleaning.


Om Shanti

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The Courage to Love

Pure Love is a virtue as well as a power. When both are applied at the same time then that is love in its purest form.

To be able to use love when faced with challenging situations requires a lot of courage and faith in love itself. It requires spiritual power.

As well as courage a big heart is also needed so that I am able to stop feelings of dislike or even hatred. I hurt myself by having any negative feelings before I hurt anyone else. I need to be aware of this and become my own true friend.

To be able to always give love means that there must first be love within the self for the self. It is not possible to give love, in its purest form, without first having love for the self.

Love fulfils, gives self-respect and empowers the soul. The soul is then no-longer dependent for love or respect from anywhere else. It becomes free from dependence and free to love.

Have the courage to love.


Om Shanti

November 23, 2011 at 8:30 am 3 comments

Facts or Feelings

I walk through life creating ideas, making decisions etc. The way I use my thoughts becomes the foundation of what follows.

But where are my thoughts coming from: do they come from facts or feelings, and does it matter?.

Feelings are the result of experience. For each one of us, feelings will be personal and probably very different. We are influenced a great deal by what we feel and have allowed this influence to be a natural part of us. But because feelings are so subjective and biased we have to ensure we do not allow them to override facts.

Facts are facts and they will only add facts to the equation. However feelings are more complex and often deceptive, making us over overreact and cause damage. Feelings are not facts so we cannot treat them as such.

It is necessary to take a minute to check where my thoughts are coming from. Move forward on the basis of a balance of facts and feelings, experience.

Thoughts followed by action are my own creation, create wisely.


Om Shanti

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What’s in a Thought

When we start looking at our inner world, we begin to learn so many things about ourselves and we also want to change many things. We may have the nature of getting angry, jealous or upset etc. and so we make effort to change these: transform them.

However, sometimes we find that even after long periods of time and much effort, there is little or no transformation taking place.
We spend so much energy and effort in dealing with each defect or weakness within ourselves. This takes a lot of attention and effort so it is possible to become tired especially when the results are not seen. And the weaknesses and defects continue to cause distress.

The valuable lesson of today is not to spend time struggling to remove single weaknesses from within the self. Put the seed right and the tree will automatically become right. The seed of all things is thoughts. If my thoughts are positive, powerful and virtuous then everything else will automatically be the same.

If I am able to pay attention to my thoughts I will see instant fruits of efforts.

Watch that thought!


Om Shanti

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