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Ravan and his Army

Ravan is the demon in the great Indian epic the Ramayana. It is actually the story of what goes on within us each day.

Ravan represents the face of the vices within the human personality. It is the gross form of anger, greed, ego etc. which we see and experience.

The force behind Ravan is his army. Our battle is not only with Ravan but also with his army which is much more subtle and incognito than Ravan himself.

Hidden behind anger is an army made up of traits such as irritation, jealousy, insult etc. Behind greed is insecurity, fear and so on. There is a huge progeny behind each gross vice and these are what we interact with each and every day.

If we are able to recognise members of this incognito army as they make their moves, then we can defeat them. Ravan will then not be able to show his face in the gross form and thus automatically lose his power.

Are you ready for the battle?


Om Shanti

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