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Sitting Tenants

When we become silent and still for a while there is the awareness of our own internal space. This space is personal and sacred. It is also the space in which the meeting with God takes place.

Having become so body conscious and externalised we have not only let go of the sacredness of this space but we have allowed the external world to enter and pollute it. We give our internal space away to others. They come and sit and then they just don’t leave – they become sitting tenants of our private space.

How can we reclaim our sacred space or even invite God into that space if we have sitting tenants occupying it?

We must take care to keep our internal space free. Make sure we don’t allow someone or something to invade it. And if they do, we should not hesitate to throw them out otherwise, they will get comfortable and then throw us out.

This sacred internal space is the only thing that we really own – value it, it is invaluable!


Om Shanti

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Inspired by the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris

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