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Who’s the Judge?

In a court of law there are many cases that are fought each day. Both prosecution and defence are present and with them come witnesses, questions, answers, facts and figures all adding some value to the case.

Then there is the judge who sits and makes the final decision. He speaks little, but hears and understands all sides. He sometimes advises and defines the rules, but he sits and silently observes. In the end he is the one that holds the power.

In my own inner world there are many cases that get presented each day. The drama of defence and prosecution, justification and accusation, right and wrong are constantly playing.

The conscience is the judge in my inner court of law. Do I hear its guidance or the judgement as it is made, when the conscience bites and when it is clear. Do I even want to know?

Unless I listen, hear and act I will become trapped in my inner prison. I cannot escape the conscience – if not today then tomorrow: it will not go away.

Let me remain free by making the conscience my friend.


Om Shanti

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