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Iceberg Ahead!

When anger comes it is like an iceberg which rises from nowhere and creates upheaval. It causes so much damage and gives sorrow to the self and others. However, what is beneath the immediate reaction is much bigger and much more dangerous that the anger that surfaces.

The source of anger may be rooted in a painful past or unfulfilled desires and expectations. Often low self-esteem brings out anger or even the need to control others. Sometimes there is resistance to change which may be based on fear. But the root of anger will most definitely be negative feelings within which have been fuelled over time with negative thoughts and as a result grown enormously.

What shows above the surface is the result of what is under the surface. If I can learn to see and deal with that which is beneath then that which surfaces will be reduced. I need to have the courage to see and then deal with whatever is beneath the surface.

Beware, iceberg ahead!

Om Shanti

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Inspired by the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris

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