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Living on Cloud Nine

You know what they say about those who live on cloud nine – they’ve got a life worth living!
It is not about wealth or possessions, but about simply and truly being happy and content within.

So how does one get to ‘cloud nine’?
Well, there are eight clouds one must pass before the ninth; are you ready?

C: always remain Conscious of the aim to remain happy and content, then you will see benefit in everything.
L: maintain an attitude of Learning as this will allow you to grow.
O: be Open to all possibilities and people as it will nurture acceptance.
U: have an Unlimited vision for the self and others as this will break barriers.
D: remain Determined in the aim, no matter what may come.

N: Never doubt, fear or question your own potential.
I: spend time in Introversion. It will allow you to listen to the heart and remain honest.
N: Newness is the spice of live. Don’t be resistant to change.
E: Experience the reward of the wisdom of having reached cloud nine.

Now you have the secret, so are you willing to try?


Om Shanti

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Inspired by the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris

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