The Forceful or The Powerful

November 16, 2011 at 6:17 am Leave a comment

When faced with negative situations in life, the most natural reaction, it seems, is a negative one. It may be in the face of fear that I get angry or in the face of deception I get upset etc.

All negative behaviours and emotions are in fact weaknesses within the human soul. When a weakness fights with another weakness there is no possibility of a positive outcome for either side. Weaknesses are forceful and like a weapon they hurt us.

The ingredient that is required to neutralise the situation, and give the opportunity for benefit, is to use virtues instead of weaknesses. Virtues are subtle, but they are powerful, as opposed to forceful. Their purpose is to empower the self and others.

In face of negative situations, make space enough to allow the self to choose virtues rather than weaknesses.

Choose to empower the self and others.


Om Shanti

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