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The Depths Within

Going within is like a journey into the depths of the ocean.

Like the ocean, you will be first challenged by the waves on the surface. All the scenes that have accumulated within the conscious mind will surface in the form of waves and attempt to distract you. They will demand attention.
It is natural and part of the process. Hold on and allow the waves to pass without feeding them. Feeding will make them grow.

Just as you journey deeper into the ocean, the waves subside and you will begin to feel the underwater currents. The journey within will also be met with more subtle disturbances that are held within the subconscious mind. These, in the form of thoughts and feelings, will try to distract your concentration. Acknowledge them and allow them to pass.

As you reach the bottom of the ocean you will discover another world in which there is movement, colour and yet total silence. The depths within are even more amazing than those of the ocean. It is the sacred space within the self where there is complete stillness, silence and awareness of the self within eternity.

This is the space of absolute truth in which deep spiritual realisations emerge.

Take this journey and discover your own inner world.

Om Shanti

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Inspired by the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris

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