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Living Spirituality

Having spirituality in our lives means that there is a conscious and constant process of internal learning happening.

When understanding is followed by deep realisation then it enables us to imbibe our learning. This is the key to transformation. It also brings the truth of spirituality into practical life.

Sometimes we learn something and try and apply it. It may be the fact that anger is not good and thus I should not express it. This is true but in itself this will not bring about transformation. At the time we may hold the anger, we may suppress it, so that it does not surface. But we are likely to still not agree with what the other was doing or still hold the pain that it may have caused or not be totally forgiving etc.

There needs to be a realisation of the spiritual truth behind the scene. An understanding of the root of the issue, which is always only within the self. Then the decision to respond will be based on the deep spiritual benefit of choosing to do something in a different way

It is a subtle but essential step in bringing spirituality to life.

Don’t miss the step!


Om Shanti

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