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Facts or Feelings

I walk through life creating ideas, making decisions etc. The way I use my thoughts becomes the foundation of what follows.

But where are my thoughts coming from: do they come from facts or feelings, and does it matter?.

Feelings are the result of experience. For each one of us, feelings will be personal and probably very different. We are influenced a great deal by what we feel and have allowed this influence to be a natural part of us. But because feelings are so subjective and biased we have to ensure we do not allow them to override facts.

Facts are facts and they will only add facts to the equation. However feelings are more complex and often deceptive, making us over overreact and cause damage. Feelings are not facts so we cannot treat them as such.

It is necessary to take a minute to check where my thoughts are coming from. Move forward on the basis of a balance of facts and feelings, experience.

Thoughts followed by action are my own creation, create wisely.


Om Shanti

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