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The Power to Accommodate

As we walk through life we are faced with many situations. Someone says something and I get upset, feel hurt, shaken etc. The situation comes and goes. Everything and everyone have already moved on. Yet I get stuck holding on to the scene and feelings associated with it, not letting go.

The power to accommodate is like the constantly flowing river. It never stops but continues moving. Its strength is in its ability to be flexible. Whether there are rocks on route or the path has winding bends and turns, it accepts, understands and adjusts itself accordingly. It does not stop, question or argue with the rocks for being in its way.
It therefore frees itself from being stuck anywhere or being affected by anything. It has the power to accommodate, allowing itself to remain free.

It requires understanding based on fearlessness to realise that nothing and no-one can actually harm me, the soul, or take anything away from me. This realisation enables me to mould and shape myself to people and situation.

How flexible are you?


Om Shanti

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Inspired by the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris

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