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Am I Free?

Everyone enjoys the feeling of being free: free to choose what we like and what we don’t, to be able to decide and choose and not be forced into anything.

However freedom begins from within. Am I truly free internally? Am I free to feel happy and make sure I don’t feel sorrow? Am I free to choose to be content whenever I want?

When something creates a feeling of upset or unhappiness then that suggests that either I am dependent on or attached to that possession, person or outcome. In any situation these are the signs that tell me I am not free.  If I were free it would not cause me sorrow.

If I look very deeply within I will see what it is that is pulling me and bonding itself to me. Locate it and become free from it with wisdom and understanding. It is not a question of physical things but of spiritual and emotional things.

It takes courage to become free because it requires me to let go.

Let go and become free!

Om Shanti

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Inspired by the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris

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