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Life’s Irritations

We often say that someone is irritating, implying that they are the cause of irritation in us. But why is it that they only irritate me and not anyone else?

Underlying irritation is that companion called expectation. I have an expectation that someone should behave in a certain way. When they consistently don’t do that then irritation slowly builds up inside.

They may appear to be the cause of my irritation, but they are not creating the irritation. I have to become aware that the one doing the creating is me. They are going along doing as best they can and I am creating the irritation because I don’t like that what they are doing.

Realising this fact will not solve the problem, but it will bring control back to me. The fact is that it is my choice to get irritated or not. We cannot control others nor can we expect them to do as we wish all the time. But what we can do is to choose to respond to them in a way that does not upset our own feelings.

Don’t get irritated. Take control.


Om Shanti

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A sin is usually something we do which is ‘wrong’ or ‘not good’. We try not to be sinful as we say that the result of sin is ‘punishment’.

The result of anything we do will always come back to us. This is the spiritual law of action: As I sow so shall I reap.
Punishment is thus just the natural spiritual return of having done something that was not good.

It is not that God gives the punishment for the sins I commit. He is the bestower of happiness, how would that One then give sorrow?
The one who commits the sin is me. The one who imposes the return of the sin is also me.

A sin is thus any thought, word or action which will eventually cause sorrow to the self and others.

Am I being sinful?

Om Shanti

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That’s Ego Talking

Ego is such a sneaky character. It disguises itself and influences our behaviour in the most incredible ways.

Ego always wants its own way. It thinks it knows everything and thus it has the right answers. It will therefore not agree with anyone but expects others to accept what it has to say.

One way in which it disguises itself is by being inclusive and ensuring no-one is missed or feels left out within a discussion. Ego also makes sure that everyone is aware that he is being inclusive and of course this would be seen as a great virtue, and it is. But subtly hiding behind this ‘virtue’ is the nature of wanting to control everyone. Ego thus wins support with its nature of sweetness and inclusion ….that’s ego talking!

Know that ego comes with many outward skills but not with many virtues.

Check, is that ego talking?


Om Shanti

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The Illusion

An illusion is something that appears to be real, but is not actually real.

If I am able to see through an illusion with understanding, then I will be saved from being deceived. But the fact is that Illusion is often created through our own thoughts and feelings.

The emotions and impressions of the past mixed together with our own creative thinking and hearsay manifest themselves in the form of an illusion around us. Then within that illusion we act and interact with life. And when it comes to the intellect’s time to decide what to do, what is right and what is wrong, it is influenced by the illusion surrounding it resulting in further illusion.

Our own thoughts and feelings are the key players in this. They are responsible for the waste thoughts which multiply uncontrollably and the feelings that follow in support. It may appear that they are our protectors and guards against all who are out to get us, but that is the illusion.

Don’t be deceived by the illusions of your own mind.


Om Shanti

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The Almighty Authority

He has no physical strength and yet we call Him the Almighty One. What then is the might we experience from Him?

At the time of need we turn to Him and ask for patience, inner strength, peace or even courage. So what makes Him almighty is the fact that He holds and commands all the virtues. And when all else fails, humankind turn to Him and take the support of the virtues that He offers.

Virtues are not a commodity that can be distributed and yet when we ask God for courage, somehow that strength emerges from within. He becomes the catalyst to empower the same virtue already within the self.

I am a child of God and as such I also hold the key to all the virtues. But because I don’t use them enough I have lost my authority over them. Let me start seeing and using my virtes now within each thought word and action I perform.

God Himself stands in front of us as an example of being an authority of virtues and yet we do not see that this is the way to be.

Become the authority of virtues.


Om Shanti

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Reasons, reasons and more reasons

The reasons why something happened in a certain way can be many, and the reason for the reason can be even more.

We have a habit of getting caught up with reasons – the reasons why it may have gone wrong. This habit of reasoning is quite wasteful. It is like going back and trying to justify why something happened. But also there is no solution that will emerge from within the expansion of reasons

Reason will lead to more reasons. They will not lead to solutions. Stop wasting time and energy in looking at reasons. Look ahead and find solutions. Then the reasons will not have a reason to exist!

Be positive, find the solutions.


Om Shanti

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Camera of the Eyes

The eyes are constantly drawing in information. I then experience this as it translates into my thoughts and feelings.

The translation I receive, and thus the experience I am left with, is very much coloured by my vision, attitude and past experiences.

This aspect of the ‘past experiences’ becomes a very real gauge in how I respond to the scenes happening around me. Yet they are only my perception of what happened. It may have been my fault but the habit of seeing faults in others is so strong that I am not able to see anything else. I focus on the negative and store it in my memory bank, associating it with the person and place.

Once stored, it will remain there ready to influence the next scene that happens. If I realised how much impact todays experiences will have on my tomorrows then I would change the focus to see more positively.

What is the camera of the eyes focusing on? What pictures is it taking and holding within its memory bank which will influence me tomorrow?

Om Shanti

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Relationships are such a central part of our lives. The happiness they give is reflected in the quality of the lives we live.
They can also be a very clear mirror for us in seeing what is lacking within the self.

When we interact with others we often focus on and magnify the things that are wrong with them. Seeing just one defect in another often causes us to change our manner of interacting within a second; with our speech, attitude and actions. We immediately stand up and challenge their defect with our own weakness. What we do is to allow the defects of another to make us forget our own virtues.

People have many virtues but often we focus on their one defect. It takes time and practice to change this. But the key is, even on seeing their weaknesses, to hold on to your own virtues and use them. The nature to ‘challenge’ within relationships has been the cause of much sorrow and it inspires the vices to take control.

There is no need to challenge the weaknesses in others. Recognise your virtues and use them.

Om Shanti

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Raja Yoga

Raja means ‘king’. Yoga means connection. Raja Yoga is the most elevated path to connect with the self and the Supreme. Within its philosophy is the method of both enlightenment through knowledge and re-empowerment through meditation.

No matter how much spiritual knowledge one has, it is only information until it is imbibed and practised. Over time the soul has become very weak and this aspect of imbibing spiritual wisdom is often a challenge. Even whilst knowing something to be right, we often do not have the power to do it.

To imbibe such spiritual wisdom requires inner strength, spiritual power. Because the soul is so weak in this respect, the strength to imbibe can only be attained through the connection with the Supreme, and this is Raja Yoga.

Re-empower and re-connect.


Om Shanti

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Body consciousness is the belief, within the subconscious mind, that I am the body and all that is associated with it: roles, positions, wealth, culture etc.
In body consciousness I will do anything to protect and preserve the body and its reputation. In a way it portrays a ‘physical power’, which shows itself in the way I speak, act or am perceived in the world I live in.

Soul consciousness is the belief, within the subconscious mind, that I am the soul within this body. In this consciousness I will identify myself with my innate qualities, values and virtues and express them through the body…even if it means renouncing my body-based reputation. Soul consciousness brings ‘spiritual power’ which protects and preserves the inner being.

I can either be in the consciousness of body or soul. I can have only one awareness at any one time and there is no in between.

What consciousness do I live in?

Om Shanti

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