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Sleep of Ignorance


Am I sleeping in the sleep of ignorance?

When I am asleep I am absorbed within that experience of sleep, dream and illusion. I am not even aware that I am asleep.

The sleep of ignorance is a spiritual sleep that happens whilst I am awake. It is when the intellect loses its ability to discern truth from falsehood, reality from illusion. It is the result of mental and emotional tiredness, not physical tiredness.

Wisdom is needed to remove the ignorance. And when that wisdom is used in action it awakens the soul from the sleep of ignorance. Carelessness and laziness of the intellect reduces its ability to use wisdom and will easily lead it back into the deep sleep of ignorance.

Awaken your power of discernment and bring wisdom into action.

Om Shanti

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My Shadow

shadowMy shadow follows me wherever I go. Whichever way I look it is before me or behind me. It is only when I am directly below the sun that I have no shadow.

The shadow of the soul has the same nature, it follows me wherever I go. It is the shadow of past memories, feelings and habits that I have kept and made my own. It is also the dreams and plans I have already made for my future. These follow me and constantly influence my behaviour and the decisions I take.

Just as when the sun is directly above there is no shadow, if I can live in the consciousness of the present moment, in the now, then I will become free from the influence of the past and future and the burden that creates.

Live every moment in the present.

Om Shanti



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The Root of Peacelessness

root_of_peaceI am a soul and my original and eternal nature is that of peace. So where did all this peaclessness come from?

Peacelessness comes from the outside and not the inside. If I check my mind and see what it is thinking all day then I will see that my thoughts are of people and things of the outside world.

Peacelessness enters through our thoughts in the form of desires. Desires of wanting this or that. Even the desire of wanting others to behave in a certain way. This is the root of peacelessness.

If I can learn to let go of the ‘wanting’ then I will see that peace will slowly return within.

I need to realise from deep within that it is this ‘wanting’ that is the culprit and not the friend I believe it to be.

Om Shanti

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Is Love a Virtue?

love_isIf Love is a virtue then why does it cause us so much pain and sorrow?

Love gives life and fills the heart with joy. It gives us so much happiness.
However having experienced love, what follows is the fear of the possibility of losing it. Pure love becomes polluted with attachment, the need to hold on. This neediness and possessiveness within attachment is what causes pain. It is this that brings the sorrow and hurt, not the love.

If I let go then love will do its work and express itself in its purest form. If I insist on holding on then I imprison its potential and damage its character so that it can no longer be what it was meant to be.

Love, and let love.

Om Shanti

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Open the Box

boxed_inWe have a tendency to lock ourselves up in the box of a personality that we have created for ourselves.

Then we convince ourselves that it is fine, or we disguise the flaws within and pretend that they are not there.

As the new year sets in, let me take the time to reflect and see what things I could change.  To change the physical is one thing but to change the more subtle aspects of the self is another matter.

With courage, open the box that imprisons you – the box of expectations, ‘show’ and much more.

Have the determined thought to change one thing and you will see that so much will follow.

Om Shanti

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