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Attitude is Everything

attitude2Situations happen; they are part and parcel of life. However it is not the situation that makes me act or react in a certain way, but it is my attitude towards it that shapes my response, and thus my experience of it.

Attitude is the mental and emotional standpoint I create, the coloured glasses I choose to see through, that dictates what and how I see things.
A positive attitude allows me to see benefit in any situation and thus deal with it positively. The resulting experience and outcome will then also be a positive one. The thoughts and feelings that emerge are the result of an underlying attitude. Change the attitude and everything else will follow.

Step back for a moment, identify and adjust the attitude beneath the thoughts and feelings that emerge.

Om Shanti

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The Anger Habit


As we go through life we develop belief systems regarding what is right and what is wrong. We create an image of how things should be or someone should behave.
When the outer reality is different from that internal belief, and there is no flexibility within to adjust to that, then an emotional disturbance happens within. The first sign is discomfort, quickly followed by irritation which in turn stimulates anger.

Understanding why there is a lack of flexibility within is vital in getting to the root of anger. When our comfort zones are challenged, subtly, fear develops which makes us defensive and inflexible.

Loosen the belt of the comfort zones, and allow yourself to adjust to situations and people, instead of being challenged by them.

Take this short cut to beat the anger habit.

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Take a Break, Have Faith

In life situations often happen that we are not happy with. They generate a millions thoughts within the mind about the situation and everything related to it. It is actually like a self protective mechanism that kicks in. Subconsciously we believe that if we think through all the possible permutations, causes and solutions then we will find the answer and be able to deal with the situation.

The reason for this internal reaction is a subtle fear of the unknown. The excessive thinking becomes a means to make the unknown, known and thus be prepared for it. However these waste thoughts that are generated only add to the uncertainty, confusion and thus the ‘fear’ within.

Take a break from the internal fight to ensure things are the way you want them to be all the time. Have the faith that whatever happens you will be able to deal with it, and you will!

Om Shanti

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Healthy Mind, Healthy Body


There is an increasing awareness of the food we eat: where it comes from, what it contains etc. People are more conscious of the need to have a healthy lifestyle.

We may not be so aware of the fact but a healthy mind also significantly contributes to a healthy body as well as a happy life.

Our thoughts are the food that we feed our minds. They will either nourish the mind or starve it of goodness. The thoughts that nourish are positive and generate enthusiasm and happiness. If I allow anything negative to influence my thinking then it will quickly gain force and take over.

The trick is to catch the first negative thought as it arises and make the choice to change it. Change it otherwise the negativity will procreate at a very fast speed and the mind will become infected.

Choose to have a healthy mind as well as a healthy body.

Om Shanti

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