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Body Consciousness


Consciousness is simply the belief I hold in my awareness about who I am. This becomes the basis of how I think, talk and act.

When I believe I am a body then I will interact with the world in body consciousness. Expectations and desires will be based on the body: what I wear, how I look, my profession, how much I earn, what I own etc.

As a bodily being one thing is certain – I take birth and I will die.
Between these two parameters I will do what I can to fulfil all my desires.
However subtly, underlying all of this is the fear of death, of time running out. It is fear that becomes the basis of anger, greed, attachment and more.

In soul consciousness things are very different because as a soul I am never born, nor will I ever die. A soul is an eternal form of energy. The aspect of fear and competition immediately disappear.

Soul consciousness allows me to act and interact with people without expectation of return or loss; without fear. It frees me from the illusion that I have to become something more than I already am.

Switch your awareness from body consciousness and become soul conscious.

Om Shanti

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Who am I?


We play many roles and have personalities and cultures that reflect the variety of things that we do. However what underpins all that we do, is who it is that we are.

WHO am I ?

Pause for a moment……….
Allow nothing to attract the mind from the outside or from the inside.
Be still…………
Be silent………….
Be present in the moment.

Let the consciousness of the body dissolve……….
Allow your awareness to touch the conscient energy within……….
The living energy that you are.

In this stillness, this silence, emerge the awareness of your own existence without the body……….

I am a soul, a tiny point of living energy, seated in the centre of the forehead………..

Hold this truth, this awareness in your consciousness.

Om Shanti

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Who’s that talking?


inner_volumnHave you ever noticed that voice that is constantly chattering in your mind?

Who is it, and who is it talking to?
If it is my own inner voice then why is it telling me things I already know?

It is a constant flow of information and advice which changes with time and circumstance. The more I listen the more confused I can become. And sometimes the chatter does not even allow me to sleep at night.

It is the voice of my likes and dislikes based on my past experiences and future expectations.

If I stop listening and giving it importance, then the voice will slowly become silent and free the mind of waste, regrets and desires.

Have I got the courage to turn down the volume of that inner voice and free myself?


Om Shanti

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The Philosophy of Thoughts


Just as the philosophy of karma is deep and binds us to the outcome of our actions. So the philosophy of thoughts is equally deep and very subtle.

Each thought we create is a seed which will bare fruit sooner or later. Our way of thinking reveals itself in the quality of the feelings we hold within and thus our experiences in life.

Critical thoughts bring the feelings of discontentment. Negative thoughts bring tension and wasteful thoughts deplete our energy and make us empty inside. Yet we justify the need to generate such thoughts.

If there are ever feelings of heaviness or emptiness within, check and you will find the seeds of waste, critical or negative thoughts scattered within the mind.
Check them and then change them.

Experience the fruits of planting positive, powerful thoughts.


Om Shanti

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Inspired by the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris

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