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The One


Who is the One who is the Almighty Authority, God?

To see Him, I need to become introverted and spend time with myself. To be introverted means not to allow anything external to enter the mind and to be able to recognise and sit with myself, the soul.

To know Him I need to first know myself. With the power of concentration the senses become completely still. I experience the self as energy and light.

In the stillness of my own being I am able to come in front of The One. He is extremely subtle, He is love, energy, light and power.

To recognise Him and to know Him as He is, is the most profound experience in life. It is the realisation of this eternal connection that empowers and transforms the soul and makes it full again.

Take time to recognise the self. Take time to recognise the One.

Om Shanti

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Tolerance is Power


Life continuously presents us with a variety of situations.

Tolerance is an internal process of adjusting and adapting the self to the things that come to challenge us each day.

Tolerance brings flexibility and the ability to remain internally stable and secure. It is not about suppressing, enduring or resisting reaction, but about allowing the self to let go of the need to be in control, mentally and physically.

Learning to take support from the self, by using my internal resources in this way, allows the power of spirituality to grow. This in turn develops my ability to face whatever life throws at me.

In the face of challenge, where do I take my support from? Do I go within or do I still rely on a variety of external supports?

Om Shanti

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The Portrait of the Soul


When a portrait of someone is painted attention is paid to each feature on the face so that the personality is experienced by those who see it.

The soul is incorporeal, not visible to the eyes so what is the portrait of the soul? How is its character painted and appreciated?

Virtues are the decoration of the soul. They need to be understood and then they can be imbibed and become the personality of the soul.
When virtues are expressed in this way those around me will experience them. I will also take pleasure and power from it as it is a very elevated form of donation.

With virtues the soul becomes valuable and valued. It is not so much about what someone looks like but the portrait is the feeling and experience of having been in the company of a valuable soul.

Let me paint a valuable portrait today.


Om Shanti

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A spiritual journey is one in which there is constant movement and change.

With every scene and situation that I am faced with each day, I need to adjust and adapt. It is a path of constant internal change, renunciation and flexibility.

The moment the journey becomes static or even comfortable, then understand that transformation has stopped and my spiritual journey has come to a standstill.

Such is the path of spirituality.

Om Shanti

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Inspired by the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris

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