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Contentment is a power as well as a virtue.

As a virtue it allows me to be generous and free. As a power it makes be stand tall and complete, without the need for support.

I feel discontent when there are still unfulfilled ‘needs’ within the self. Emotional needs as well as physical needs.
Then when obstacles prevent me from fulfilling those ‘needs’ it causes upheaval inside and out. It is the subtle fear and insecurity of potentially being deprived.

Like a half filled jar of marbles, the slightest movement on the outside will cause disruption and noise on the inside.

To develop contentment I need to see benefit in everything that comes to me. It will free me from expectations and allow me to be flexible and internally satisfied.

Contentment is the key to remaining stable in the face of external challenges as I have nothing to gain and nothing to lose: I am already full.


Om Shanti

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Peace or War?


Our thoughts, supported by our feelings are the cause of the inner battles and emotional turmoil that we experience. They are responsible for our outer battles too.

Negative and waste thoughts will multiply rapidly, each supporting the last. These in turn will fuel negative emotions within the self. We find ourselves criticising and justifying things which develops into irritation, dislike or even anger.

Our thoughts can be our worst enemy or they can be our best friend. The choice is ours. We can use them to plan for battle or chose to create peace. Both are only a thought away.

Check your thoughts. Are they positive and filled with good intentions for the self and others?

Om Shanti

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Give and Take


I am giving and taking something at every moment of my life. Whether it is through my thoughts, words, actions or even through my feelings.

Karma creates my account of give and take, and the law of karma states: whatever I give, I will receive in return.

Am I aware of the subtle exchanges happening internally? The feelings that I hold and the thoughts that I entertain will also bring a return.

When I respond to situations with negative thoughts and feelings, I am actually taking temporary power from that in the form of authority, respect and control. It is a negative form of power because it is based on fear. And the return for that will also be the same.

It takes courage to give positivity in the face of challenge because it means I am renouncing taking something at that time.

In any situation, stop and check the quality of the exchange. If I am not giving happiness or power, then it is better not to give anything at all.


Om Shanti

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Beauty and the Beast


When I look in the mirror what do I see? Who do I see?

Do I see the beauty within with all the values and qualities that I have? Or do I see faults and disappointments and a person that I would rather not be?

In fact we all have a ‘beauty’ and a ‘beast’ within each one of us. The beauty is that which is originally and eternally all that I am: the perfect soul, clean and pure. The beast is the personality that I have acquired along the way. The negative habits I have formed to help me win the game of life – anger, greed and the ever hungry ego.

If, with total faith and trust, my awareness is rooted in my original and eternal beauty, the fearsome form of the beast will transform itself in its presence. I need the courage to accept and face the beast that is present. It is not something to fear or be ashamed of but something to understand and see in perspective.

Then life will no longer be a battle between the beauty and the beast, but will become a story of love and transformation.

Om Shanti

May 9, 2013 at 7:25 am 2 comments

Watch Out, Angers about!


The first sign of anger is an emotional discomfort within. We don’t even realise it but it is quickly followed by irritation. If this irritation is not identified and controlled it will move into dislike, and anger very quickly.

We have very little control over the things that happen around us and therefore we blame those things for our anger. But irritation is an internal emotion that we create and nurture, through our own thoughts and feelings. It is something that we control and thus we are responsible for.

We have the choice at every moment to react or respond, to get irritated and angry or not.

The moment I make the choice I hold the power to take control.

Make the right choice and take control of anger.

Om Shanti

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