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The Blame Game


What is the lens through which blame is seen?

Blame is a habit we develop which allows us to justify our pain and suffering.

One can experience pain for many reasons; however it is an option to suffer. When I am not willing to let go of what I cannot control, then I am making a choice to suffer. That suffering then becomes the reason to blame something or someone for my pain.

We get used to suffering and think it is part of life, but it is actually a choice we make. It is also a choice to be happy. By harbouring feelings of suffering we erode our own ability to be happy.

This is known as the Blame Game which we play with ourselves. It becomes our way of dealing with pain. By playing the blame game we give ourselves permission to hold on to suffering. We become a victim and in doing so we lose the power to change the situation.

Don’t play the game. Transform the pain.

Om Shanti

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Past is Past


‘Let the past be the past’. We have heard this saying a million times but we continue to hold onto the past in our hearts and minds. Subconsciously we may believe it is valuable experience for our future. However recalling negative experiences from the past in this way has become an unwanted and damaging habit.

By bringing the past into the present we become influenced by it. Then, instead of resolving the past we build on it. Instead of recognising the mistakes we made, so as to avoid doing the same again, we fill our minds with the mistakes others made and respond based on that. In this way we carry the past into our present, and so into our future.

If we mix the past into the present, then this becomes the key that locks the intellect. It disables our ability to discern clearly, without influence.
We need to finish the past in the present moment by stepping back from the scene as soon as it happens. If within a moment we become detached then we free ourselves from influence and we will be able see the scene from a different perspective. This will allow us to then respond from a fresh and new space.

Have the power to let go and move on.


Om Shanti

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Blinds Spots


A blind spot is an area that I cannot see, even though I look.

When driving we are aware of the dangers of blind spots as they can cause accidents.

The third eye of wisdom is used as the tool to see the inner world on our spiritual journey. Internal blind spots are even more subtle and ‘invisible’.

When I am judgemental, do I realise that my blind spot could be jealousy? Even in a subtle way, jealousy will be colouring what I see, but am I aware of it?

Likewise when I see through eyes of attachment I will see no fault or issue in a person I am attached to even though they may clearly be wrong.

In this way there are many blind spots that are present within us. Recognising them will help us see clearly and thus allow us to avoid many ‘accidents’.

Have I recognised my blind spots?


Om Shanti

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