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Living in the NOW!


Live in the present moment and remain content with now.

Thinking of and holding on to the past will only fill the mind and heart with regrets about what could have been.

Living in the future reminds me of what I still need to achieve and thus what I do not have at his time.

Stand in the present moment, live it with all your heart as if it is your last moment. Value the time, value the people and value the life that you have.

Live in the Now!

Om Shanti

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We all make mistakes from time to time, and when they happen they generate a negative and uncomfortable feeling inside.

Any type of negativity that we experience causes us varying degrees of pain and sorrow.

If I am able to adjust my attitude and take a standpoint of ‘learning’ in the face of mistakes, then this will act as
armour around me. It will protect me from suffering and help to mitigate the damage.
This process, in which negative is converted into positive, mistakes into learning, will ultimately bring benefit and growth.

Don’t hold onto mistakes. Transform them into valuable lessons for tomorrow.

Om Shanti

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Power On, Pressure Off


Emotional and mental pressures can feel like an internal pressure cooker which is about to explode.

Just like ingredients within a pressure cooker, in our minds and hearts we hold the ingredients of our past, the desires and expectations of the future, and the fears and challenges of not being able to achieve. Then when the heat of external situations intensifies, the pressure builds up inside.

To release the pressure inside the cooker it is necessary to cool it down before opening the lid. And if we keep the lid open, then the pressure will never be able to build up.

Keeping the lids of our minds and hearts open requires the power of courage. Courage means to allow new things to be ‘thrown into the pot’, or to accept what is being ‘cooked’ even though it may not be of our choosing.

Have the power to face the challenge of an ever changing world without creating a pressure situation. If it means I don’t have the last word in situations, then that is fine. If I don’t get what I want, then so be it. Have the courage to accept ‘defeat’ as within that defeat your chosen attitude reveals an inner strength and a more valuable victory.

It takes power to allow one’s inner self to win, even though on the outside you may appear to lose.

Om Shanti

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Forever Changing


Change is a fact of life. It happens second by second every second. To be able to embrace change happily it is necessary to see it as an opportunity.

Resisting change, at any level – mental, emotional physical – will create an environment which breeds sorrow within.
A positive attitude to change gives us the chance to grow, to gain wisdom and to develop the power of flexibility.

At every moment, with every change, let me use the power to let go and accept the change. Rather than a stagnant pond, let me be a fresh flowing river.

Its time to embrace change. Do I welcome change or do I resist it?

Om Shanti

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