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Layers of the Soul


I take a moment to turn within.

I become aware that there is more to me than this body and the various roles I play in this body. I realise that I am a living energy within this body making the body work. In this consciousness I am able to use the inner eye to see what is going on inside.

The first layer that I see is that of my thoughts. Constantly flowing thoughts: positive thoughts, negative thoughts, angry thoughts and waste thoughts. Many, many thoughts.
If I have the courage to move on beyond this layer and go deeper within then I discover a layer of feelings and experiences from the past that I have stored and kept safely. These are silently sleeping memories which are triggered from time to time with my senses. Once triggered they will activate the thought layer into action generating uncontrolled thoughts, resulting in even more feelings.

The deepest layer of the soul is that of awareness. It is the core belief and understanding I have of who and what I am and the reason for my existence. Everything that I do is rooted in awareness and my awareness, in any given moment, will dictate my behaviour and experience of that scene.

If I am able to sit in the awareness of being a soul, then the whole of what I see, do and thus experience will change.
The meaning of life itself will change. Try it and see.

Om Shanti

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Inspired by the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris

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