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Peace of Mind


To be peaceful means to have thoughts filled with peace and power.

Negative and wasteful thoughts are the cause of peacelessness. Peace cannot survive in their presence. They generate dislike, fear, confusion and a feeling of not being in control.

Even ordinary thoughts take space, leaving no time for peaceful and empowering thoughts.

The key to cultivating a peaceful life is to make room for peaceful thoughts. Simple.

Om Shanti

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Downsize Life’s Challenges


Life is a journey and we may come across many challenges along the way.

If I am able to make whatever comes in front of me into a small matter, then it becomes easy.
By default we give life and energy to challenges by thinking about them again and again. Don’t keep repeating it to yourself or to others as that is the method to make it bigger and more challenging than it really is! It will also subtly create confusion and fear inside.

Whatever may come, it is my own perception of it that will give it importance or not. See it for what it is – something that will pass – and make sure you don’t postpone its departure by feeding it.

Can you downsize life’s challenges?


Om Shanti

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Attitude of Renunciation


Renunciation is a very powerful tool which allows us to make a mountain of an issue appear like a mustard seed.

In the face of any situation, if I am able to use the power of renunciation then I will see that the issue itself will disappear.

Renunciation of what? On a material level we may think of the renunciation of material possessions, but what is more often required is the subtle renunciations – the things that others don’t see and that I may not even be immediately aware of.

In any situation, there are subtle desires that I have inside. The need for respect, popularity or success. The need to be right, to be noticed and even appreciated. These are the things that are the root of our issues and conflicts. These are the things that cause the inner battles which then spill out into our everyday life in the form of issues and yet they remain invisible to the human eye.

If I can identify my personal need in any situation and then be prepared to renounce that, then I will see the scene will no longer challenge me or be an obstacle on my path.

With an attitude of renunciation, finish any issue in one second.

Om Shanti

September 12, 2013 at 11:57 am 4 comments

The Nature of Ego


One of the blocks that comes along the way on our spiritual journey is Ego.

The thing about ego is that it camouflages itself very well and appears to be a faithful friend. So how do I identify it within myself?

Ego is the social mask we wear. It is sustained by power and so it will try and control. However it lives in fear of being powerless.

Ego very quickly gives an opinion; it does not allow me to be the detached observer.
It is in fact intolerant. Ego has no patience.

Ego cannot tolerate the praise of others. It comes in through the door of criticism.
Ego only sees weaknesses and mistakes of others.
Ego inspects others but does not inspect the self.
Ego does not accept correction but gives correction.
Ego comes with many qualities and skills but not with many virtues.

Can I identify the Ego within me?

Om Shanti

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