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Attitude of Renunciation


Renunciation is a very powerful tool which allows us to make a mountain of an issue appear like a mustard seed.

In the face of any situation, if I am able to use the power of renunciation then I will see that the issue itself will disappear.

Renunciation of what? On a material level we may think of the renunciation of material possessions, but what is more often required is the subtle renunciations – the things that others don’t see and that I may not even be immediately aware of.

In any situation, there are subtle desires that I have inside. The need for respect, popularity or success. The need to be right, to be noticed and even appreciated. These are the things that are the root of our issues and conflicts. These are the things that cause the inner battles which then spill out into our everyday life in the form of issues and yet they remain invisible to the human eye.

If I can identify my personal need in any situation and then be prepared to renounce that, then I will see the scene will no longer challenge me or be an obstacle on my path.

With an attitude of renunciation, finish any issue in one second.

Om Shanti

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Inspired by the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris

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