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Attention to Tension


Tension is a common state of mind of many of us. We get tense and stressed about many things.

Tension happens because we have not paid attention to what is going on in our minds.
In the dramas of life many scenes will continue to happen. Many things may even be outside our direct control.

In the conversations that happen, inside and outside, if I continue to ask ‘why?’, ‘what?’, ‘how?’, if I continue to question the scene, trying to understand it, then this will create a tsunami of thoughts and feelings inside which in turn will create and sustain tension in my life.

Stop for a moment. Stop asking questions as questions alone will not change the situation nor solve the problem.
Just let it be. Move on and leave the scene behind.

Pay attention to what is going on in the mind and so become free from tension!

Om Shanti

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The Power of Introversion


Introversion is all about the inside.

Looking inside, connecting with the inside and communicating with all that is going on inside.

It opens the doorway to understanding and valuing ourselves rather than just accepting the self as default. And most of all it allows us to be our own best friend.

Introversion is a great power which we all have the potential for but rarely cultivate and use. It is a choice that we make over the pulls of our physical world. It is not about cutting ourselves off from the world and the people in our lives, but it is the ability to remain centered and detached within the crowd.

This state of being frees us from self doubt and thus fear and allows us to remain honest with ourselves in its truest sense.

Step into introversion today.

Om Shanti

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The Power of Attraction


What is it in attraction that causes that emotional pull within?

Why is it that we are attracted to do certain things, go to certain places and be with certain people.

This is the power of attraction. Whatever we are attracted to, whether a person, place or thing, there is a comfort or familiarity that we value and think we need, and so, even against our conscious wish, we are pulled to it again and again.

The more I surrender to attraction, the more I am allowing my power to drain away. This habit leads to dependence, which creates a subtle bond and so makes me a slave.

If I am able to see what it is I’m attracted to, appreciate it and walk away, then that will gradually free me from the need, and restore my spiritual power, putting me back in charge.

Don’t become a slave to attraction.


Om Shanti

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Situations and Solutions


Situations and circumstances come to us all. They challenge us in moving along our chosen path.

However when I am in the face of a situation, what is it that is going on within, in my mind?
Do I focus on the situation or do I work on the solution. Whether it is situations or solutions it is this that will dictate my state of mind and state of being, whether I am stress and confused or calm and resolved. Whether my thoughts are positive or negative.

The more I focus on the solution, the more I will be able to remain positive within. It will not only empower me but enable me to more easily pass through the situation and see success. And most of all it will free me from the sickness of stress and tension that negatively brings.

Take control and find solutions!

Om Shanti

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Spiritual Identity


We are accustomed to identifying with the roles we play, our careers, religions etc. Our identity is often based on what we do rather than what we are.

Spirituality teaches us that we are spiritual beings: eternal and conscious beings. We realise the immortality of the soul in relation to the ever changing, unpredictable world we live in.

As human beings we want to be content and we want to also achieve many things in life. But underlying this drive is also a fear that we may never reach there. As a result we are in a constant race, trying to satisfy our ever growing needs in a constantly changing world.

When we understand our identity as a spiritual being then there is a shift in consciousness. This new sense of self brings with it great satisfaction and a sense of ‘having arrived’. It is a realisation, an awakening, which grounds us, giving us internal security and stability.

Time is asking us to change perspective and experience ourselves as a spiritual being and time does not wait.

Om Shanti

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