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The Power to Discern


To discern means the power to differentiate between, for example, what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’, what is ‘good’ and what is not. It is the power to know – an aspect of being knowledge-full.

What clouds my ability to discern with accuracy?

Greed and Desire do not allow me to see what is needed but only show me what I want.

Attachment will make me defend the thing I am attached to, whether it is right or wrong.

Anger is based on subtle fear and always challenges situations to keep me in the comfort zones I have created.

Ego is based on an attitude that “I already know”. It doesn’t allow me to see all the facts in the equation but assume them.

In any situation, when the power of discernment is needed, I first need to check that my judgement is not being clouded by those five vices.


Om Shanti

November 28, 2013 at 9:23 am 1 comment

Candid Camera


Have you ever watched that hilarious TV show called ‘Candid Camera’?

People are tricked into being part of a practical joke which has been set up to appear as a real life situation. As they walk into the scene their reactions are captured on camera. They may get upset, angry or worse.

When they eventually realises that the whole scene was set up as a joke then everyone laughs and the one who has been made a fool of also laughs.

No matter how serious a situation we are in, if we can step back and see it in a detached way, objectively, the scene will become diluted and lose its force. The potential reaction will seem extreme and even funny. It will save us from a myriad of emotions and upheaval.

Keep in mind that the scene will pass and then it is gone … Just watch yourself as if you are on ‘Candid Camera’!

Om Shanti

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Comfort Zones


Comfort zones make us feel safe and comfortable so we feel they must be good for us; we feel they must be our friends.

Actually comfort zones are like golden chains. We may consider them valuable, attractive and harmless, but they are the chains that bind us and prevent freedom and growth.

Like a bird perched on the branch of a tree wanting to fly. It may flap its wings with full force and enthusiasm but without success. It may complain how it tries but cannot fly. However until it is able to let go of the branch on which it is perched, it will never be possible for it to fly!

What are your comfort zones?

Om Shanti

November 14, 2013 at 7:16 am 1 comment

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