Candid Camera

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Have you ever watched that hilarious TV show called ‘Candid Camera’?

People are tricked into being part of a practical joke which has been set up to appear as a real life situation. As they walk into the scene their reactions are captured on camera. They may get upset, angry or worse.

When they eventually realises that the whole scene was set up as a joke then everyone laughs and the one who has been made a fool of also laughs.

No matter how serious a situation we are in, if we can step back and see it in a detached way, objectively, the scene will become diluted and lose its force. The potential reaction will seem extreme and even funny. It will save us from a myriad of emotions and upheaval.

Keep in mind that the scene will pass and then it is gone … Just watch yourself as if you are on ‘Candid Camera’!

Om Shanti

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