Become Blind

December 12, 2013 at 7:52 am 2 comments


If I see someone’s weakness it is as if the soul becomes infected.

My vision will focus on that weakness as the basis of their personality. Then everything else that follows – my thoughts, words, actions and feelings – will be coloured by that.

They are the ones with a weakness and yet it is me who creates and holds the waste thoughts and negative feelings within the self. I then nurture these types of thoughts of feelings by re-asserting the existence of the weakness. I ‘feed off it’ and thus enable it to grow and set up home within the self.

Whether they are right or wrong, doing something good or bad, why should that control the thoughts and feelings that I experience?

I need to make myself blind to the weaknesses of others, not just to be able to maintain healthy relationships, but
to protect my own inner self from being ‘infected’ and infectious.

Don’t become ‘infected’, become blind to the weaknesses of others.


Om Shanti

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  • 1. meme  |  January 22, 2014 at 2:25 pm

    agreed. but becoming blind to other’s weaknesses insulates you from realities. rather one should be consciously aware of other’s weaknesses and try to exercise control over their potential for infecting you. just like when we know of people who are bodily sick in our circle, we are fully aware of their sickness and sympathize with them, but might also take measures to avoid direct contact to protect our own bodily health.

    • 2. Vasanti  |  January 22, 2014 at 5:57 pm

      Yes that is true in terms of physical health, but spiritually these things work in a different way and are very subtle. If I see the weakness then it will affect my behaviour – the weakness will influence me to behave conditionally. True spirituality is to express my own true nature regardless of anything else – that is truth. If I behave based on fear or dislike then that is allowing a negative feeling to influence my behaviour. The more I let these influence me the more they will become my character.
      The point is more about myself, more than the other person. I don’t want to give energy to negative thoughts and feelings within the self so that eventually they disappear.
      I hope that helps. There are other posts on the blog which explain this aspect too – you are most welcome to browse that also.


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