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Treating Illness


When the body is ill there is pain or discomfort and so we realise that it has moved away from its natural state of balance. We take responsibility to cure the body by treating it. Though it may have been triggered by something from outside, such as the weather, the cure is in the treatment of the body and not in trying to change the weather.

In the same way when there is hurt, sadness and sorrow in the spirit then certainly something has caused it to move away from its natural state of balance. It is my responsibility to cure it by treating the spirit. Sitting and blaming anther for causing sorrow will never heal me.

A foreign body enters and causes illness and disease of the body. With the spirit too, it is a foreign body that enters and gives sorrow. It is one of the vices that has taken hold within that then causes the pain and suffering.

Any form of sorrow or upset is a sign that I have moved away from my own truth. It is warning that I am doing something unnatural and perhaps against my truth. The truth is that I am a pure, peaceful and powerful soul. I am truth and I am love.

When my truth is lost I feel sorrow. Without any form of vice there is only truth. Understand this and maintain the truth by curing the self of the vices.


Om Shanti

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Silent Witness


At the very core of my being, in the innermost space, there is a place of total silence. To reach this space and to sit and experience it is the most profound experience.

Within this space I become the silent witness without any needs or pulls or duties.
Watching every scene without question. Deeply accepting the secrets of the drama being revealed slowly in my presence.

Internally there is so much stability that it is a stage of being free from waste. A stage of seeing everything, being a part of everything yet absorbing nothing. It is a strange but very liberating state of being.

In silence I can see reality as it is, without influence – nothing added and nothing taken away.

I am here watching this character play the role that has been given, but I am not the character or the role. I am the the silent witness within, the eternal and immortal soul.

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Internal Corruption


We are so aware of the various forms of corruption that happen in the world. Each day we hear news of yet another scandal – another person trying to cheat the people and the law of the land.

Internally in our own personality, within the human soul, there is also a government of righteousness that rules. When that government is deceived or the laws of that land are broken then the penalties are also experienced.

Am I aware of the corruption going on inside? Am I aware of the characters at play in my own internal world?

Ego will make me do things to ensure regard, respect and popularity. Greed and Attachment will instigate fear within and thus encourage the need to dominate and control. And anger will raise its head when my desires are not fulfilled.

Is there corruption going on in my inner world?


Om Shanti

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Digesting Criticism


Do I find myself reacting and getting defensive when criticism comes my way? Or do I have the ability to stop, listen and learn?

Criticism is about highlighting faults. When criticism is directed towards me it can be very difficult to digest. The moment I react and thus internally reject what is being suggested to me, I stop the process of learning and growth.
It is not that everything that is being thrown at me is necessarily true. It may be only an opinion of one or two. However if I am able to stay calm and collected enough to hear what is being said, then it is my choice to discern what is correct or not.

To digest criticism I need the ability to listen, discern and learn from others. It is a doorway to change and growth.

Can you digest criticism?

Om Shanti

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Spiritual Medicine


When we are physically ill we take medicine. The physical body is treated with a physical solution. However when we are emotionally and mentally not so well then how do we deal with that?

There is so much non-physical illness in the world today. Since it is not visible to the eyes we are not so aware of it. What is even more amazing is that, in our current state of consciousness, we try and fix the emotional, mental and spiritual disorders with physical solutions. We go on a shopping spree or indulge in chocolate or movies etc.. and in doing so we are able to manage our depression, discomfort, pain and suffering for a short time.

No matter what we do it is not possible, in the long term, to fix a problem that is non-physical with a gross physical solution.

The soul experiences suffering through negative, draining and dis-empowering feelings. To treat this we need to identify the source of the suffering. Whatever it may be, a person or a situation, if I am able to change my perception by seeing and understanding the scene in a different way, then it will allow transformation to happen in my thoughts and feelings. This will remove the suffering from the roots.

Is your medicine treating the root of the illness?

Om Shanti

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